We have a small one off joining fee which includes a club T-shirt and there are no fixed term contracts options available. There are also contracted options if you are feeling that little more committed, see below. Boxfit classes are included with all adults Muay memberships. If you are keen on the Boxfit classes only, we offer a one time only special of 12 weeks of classes for $9.95 per week AND there is no joining fee for Boxfit (see below for full details). Please note, fighters are on a separate fee schedule and fight training is not part of the regular timetable (we go over this when you go in to the fight team).  Private lesson are available on request with either Kru Yai Brett or Kru Dougal, please ask. The description of each membership level and the price per option/venue is as follows.Read on then come and see us for your FREE week.

Try a WEEK FREE by booking on 027 241 0426 or info@sitnarong.co.nz

JOINING FEE                                                             $50.00 . Includes free t-shirt (not required with Boxfit only)

WEEKLY MUAY THAI CONTRACT                      $25.00  (One year fixed term contract. A $15.00 establishment fee applies). Only available for Woolston

WEEKLY BOXFIT SUPER SPECIAL                   $9.95* (either gym)

WEEKLY MUAY THAI NO FIXED TERM            $30.00 (No establishment fee required)-Woolston 

WEEKLY MUAY THAI NO FIXED TERM            $23.50 (No establishment fee required)-Halswell

WEEKLY MUAY THAI NO FIXED TERM            $35.00 (No establishment fee required)-Both gyms

WEEKLY BOXFIT NO FIXED TERM                    $18.50 (No joining fee or establishment fee required and valid for Halswell and/or Woolston)

CASUAL WALK UP                                                  $15.00 PER CLASS

FIGHT TEAM                                                              This gets covered when you join the fight team

All of our fees are collected by direct debit AND THERE ARE NO FIXED TERM OPTIONS. You can pay the joining fee by cash or one off bank deposit and the establishment fees will be automatically debited from your account.*$9.95 special is for 12 weeks via direct debit and automatically rolls over to a standard Boxfit flexi (no fixed term) membership, unless we hear from you ONE WEEK  before your special is due to expire. It is also a one time purchase and not valid for current members. Many thanks

KIDS KICKBOXING                                               Once per week, $10.00 per week (for the balance of school term)

KIDS KICKBOXING                                              Twice per week, $15.00 per week (for balance of school term)

PRIVATE TRAINING                                                Please inquire as we offer a fantastic membership special for training with either Kru Yai Brett or Kru Dougal. As the most senior instructor, the price schedule for private training with Brett is slightly different.

All are welcome to our classes, come and have your 1st week on the house