Why you should choose Sitnarong Muay Thai Christchurch or Wanaka

If you want to train in the BEST atmosphere with the BEST people with quality coaching that is second to none, then you are in the right place. Sitnarong Thai Boxing is a traditional Muay Thai Boxing club teaching genuine, authentic Muay Thai, offering Adults and Kids Muay Thai in Woolston,  Halswell and now Wanaka too! (Please click here for Muay Thai Wanaka information.) We can help you to get fit, learn how to defend yourself, improve self esteem, confidence PLUS meet new people and form new friendships while you develop elite level striking skills. For those who want competition we have a proud record with fighters from the club having gained many national titles,  plus we regularly run novice level shows at our gym. Private lessons to help you achieve your goals that bit faster are our speciality so please make sure you ask if they are what you are looking for. You can view our Youtube channel  for short videos on some of the techniques and things you will learn in our classes. Or look at our Facebook page too. We also offer FREE nutritional seminars and fitness testing modules throughout the year to make sure you are in the best shape possible. Book your FREE TRIAL WEEK OF CLASSES NOW on 0272410426 or info@sitnarong.co.nz. Click on the timeline below for a more detailed description on how Sitnarong Muay Thai came in to existence. Please note our Woolston and Halswell adults Muay Thai classes are for ages 15 years and up but please ask if you have a child who may be capable of attending the adults sessions. Our kids classes are for primary school age and young high schoolers and run during school term time only. Please ask if unsure which class any youth should attend.

“Starting Thai Boxing with Sitnarong is simply the best thing I have EVER done! Great coaches and awesome people to train with means the atmosphere is  second to none” . I just couldn’t  imagine training anywhere else.  Louis B

Muay Thai Boxing Christchurch

Known around the world as the science of eight limbs, Muay Thai training incorporates punches, elbows, knees, kicks and stand up grappling (clinch) to form one of the most dynamic and devastating martial arts ever seen. Sitnarong Muay Thai has a wide range of classes to suit those looking to get fit, learn valuable self defence skills AND have fun at the same time. Don't wait, book your week of FREE classes NOW for either Woolston or Halswell on 0272410426

Kids Muay Thai Kickboxing

Run during school term time, these classes are the perfect way to introduce your youngster to a controlled environment where they can burn off some energy, make new friends and gain valuable physical and life skills at the same time. The classes are mix of Muay Thai kickboxing skills and games designed to assist with their development. For ages 5-14, including specialty classes for 5-10 years and also 11-14 year olds, our classes are run at two different locations around Christchurch, book your week of FREE classes NOW on 0272410426 (please state either Woolston or Halswell)

Fitness classes

More than just a Muay Thai gym ,we have plenty of fitness classes for those who want to get in shape without the more rigorous training that Muay Thai offers. We have a variety of Boxfit classes in Woolston and Halswell where you still get to hit stuff, without anyone trying to hit you! Make sure you try out the FREE fitness testing too to see where you are at. Book your FREE WEEK OF CLASSES NOW on 0272410426 (please state either Woolston or Halswell)

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Grandmaster (GM) Sken was born in 1955 in Numpi, Ampur Tron Thongsaenkun, Uttaradit Province in the North of Thailand. In 1962, Narong Kaewpadung, GM Sken's Father, was appointed to the law enforcement authority for the village. Because he was unbending in his belief that justice had to be served regardless of rank or status, he won the respect and admiration of many in the community. However, after arresting a local gangster for theft, Narong became a target for criminals in the area. Tragically, in 1963, GM Sken's father was assassinated. GM Sken was then only 8 years old.


In 1990, Brett Harrold made the move to the United Kingdom to experience what the other side of the world had to offer. One thing led to another and he ended up training at Sitnarong Muay Thai with Sandy Holt and travelling to train with (then) Master Sken. He established himself as one of the premiere fighters in Great Britain, topping off his career by winning the British Light Heavyweight title. Along the way he also captured the English National L.H., English Northwest Area L.H., Scottish Northeast Area open Kickboxing and East Scotland Heavyweight Kickboxing titles. 1997 saw Brett return to New Zealand, ending up in Christchurch where his teaching career really got moving.


He decided to start teaching Muay Thai in early 1998 and his first ever student was a young(ish) man by the name of Dougal McKenzie. It wasn't long before word got around of a new Muay Thai coach in town and what started as private lessons grew in to a burgeoning club that had to ``move out of the garage``. Thankfully shared space was available with Karl Varley of Kyukoshin and the club was able to expand to including a fight team which rapidly took the South island by storm, winning many National and South Island Titles. That gym in Cashel Street became home base for many years and allowed the club to grow and include students for general training and not just fighters.


Some time later the club moved in to bigger premises on Waltham Road. This was a fantastic gym and included a full weights and cardio area as well as a personal training room and even changing rooms and a shower! But alas, the gym did not survive the September earthquake of 2010 and the club ended up developing a somewhat nomadic lifestyle until 2013 when more permanent (and now current) facilities became available in Woolston.


2015 has seen the new gym finally completed and the club has gone from strength to strength in both regular student participation/numbers and also fight team results with more National and South Island titles being captured. Brett and Dougal have also undertaken a number of fight promotion evenings/afternoons in both Wanaka and Christchurch, with the Christchurch ones being held at the gym itself as it has 240sqm of floor space and a full time 6m x 6m ring.