Callum takes the Tuesday night pad work classes and makes sure everyone goes home feeling like they have worked hard and achieved an increase in their skill level. He also takes the Boxfit class before hand and has a popular following of those who like to double down by doing two classes back to back and ‘feel the burn” that high repetition pad work brings.

Meet Other Trainers

Simona takes the Wednesday night fight training sessions and loves a hard approach to training and fitness. He loves making sure all his students are fit and ready to go and regularly has the team sparring and knocking out those hard conditioning/fitness drills
    Ajarn (Master) Brett trained directly under Sandy Holt and Grand Master Sken when living in the UK and himself was the British Light heavy weight champion and held several other titles. Head Instructor for MSA Sitnarong Muay Thai Australasia and MSA Sitnarong New Zealand, Brett is the coach of the MSA Sitnarong fight team and takes fighters by appointment only. Recently he was awarded his Masters (Ajarn) certification directly by Grand Master Sken after 30 plus years of loyal service. He ensures the training for the general students and fighters is of a very high standard and his fight training classes are intense. But the results speak for themselves with fighters from the club winning National TBA, National WKBF, National full contact Kyukoshin, South Island WKA and South Island WMC tiles. Ajarn Brett is available for private sessions, please enquire if you think they might be for you.  
      The youngest member of the Sitnarong teaching team, Andrew is passionate about helping members improve their abilities and making sure they remain on the up and up. He has fantastic technique and a willingness to learn which see him constantly improving every time he enters the gym to train.Andrew also helps out whenever he can, passing on his already considerable knowledge to those around him.