The newest member of the team, Jayden takes the Tuesday and Thursday night Woolston Boxfit classes and also the open fight training on a Thursday. He is also available for pad holding in this class so if you want a little more specific attention with your technique or fitness, make sure you grab him to get you through some pad rounds in the ring!

Meet Other Trainers

Sitnarong fight team member and current Canterbury regional champion, Conor Rock takes our Tuesday night classes at 7.00pm at Woolston. With over 10 fights under his belt, he knows what it takes to develop your technique and get fit for the ring or everyday life. Come down and check out one of his classes (or even train with him during the fight training classes) and benefit from his vast experience.
    The first and original student of Ajarn Brett's some 25 years ago, Kru Yai Dougal is the senior Instructor for MSA Sitnarong Christchurch. He has over 30 years martial arts experience and has had the good fortune to travel and train in Thailand under Grand Master Sken and at the legendary Sit Yodtong camp. Largely regarded as the number one fight camp in Thailand. Kru Yai Dougal holds several advanced coaching qualifications and puts his specialist skills to good use in his classes. Dougal works full time as a personal trainer via his business Knockout Fitness taking clients for as regular health and fitness/strength and conditioning plus he also takes private Muay Thai tuition. He takes the Kids Muay Thai class and several of the adults classes at Woolston and Halswell, as well as a few Boxfit classes along the way too! Dougal has also recently been graded by Grand Master Sken and now holds the rank of Red/White Yellow Khan.
      Callum is off overseas finishing his degreee at the moment but usually takes the Tuesday night pad work classes and makes sure everyone goes home feeling like they have worked hard and achieved an increase in their skill level. He also has taken the Woolston Boxfit class before hand and has a popular following of those who like to double down by doing two classes back to back and 'feel the burn" that high repetition pad work brings.