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Perfect for the slightly older kids who need a bit more, or teenagers not quite ready for the adults class. The kidults learn more about pad holding, footwork, shadow boxing, sparring and more complicated techniques. We have classes twice a week in Woolston  starting at 5.00pm and running until 5.45pm (straight after the 5-10 year olds) and once per week in Halswell on a Thursday from 4.45pm to 5.30pm. Full details for pricing is on the fees page, please scroll towards the bottom. Book your 11-14 year old in now for their free week on 027 2410426 or

Class Trainer

Kru Yai Dougal McKenzie

1The first and original student of Ajarn Brett's some 20 years ago, Kru Yai Dougal...


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TimeFrame: Mon/Wed 5.00pm - 5:45pm (Wools). Thurs 4.45p-5.30pm (Hals)