Friday morning classes are now 7.00am to 8.00am and Ladies Boxfit is now 12.00pm to 12.45pm. Click HERE to view weekly timetable in a grid style format. NOTE, classes are at Woolston unless otherwise stated (as shown in the timetable). Kids Muay Thai runs only during school terms. Follow us on Facebook for short-term updates too as there may be small changes from time to time. Private lessons are by appointment only, please ask if you are interested. Please enquire if you’re not sure about anything to do with the timetable.


01jun12:00 pm12:45 pmLadies Boxfit

01jun4:15 pm5:00 pmWoolston Kids

01jun5:00 pm5:45 pmWoolston Kids 10-14

01jun6:00 pm6:45 pmThai Basics

01jun6:45 pm7:30 pmThai Fight

02jun4:00 pm4:45 pmHalswell Kids

02jun6:00 pm6:50 pmBoxfit Punch

02jun6:00 pm6:45 pmBoxfit Halswell

02jun6:45 pm7:30 pmThai Basics Halswell

03jun4:15 pm5:00 pmWoolston Kids

03jun6:00 pm6:45 pmThai Basics

03jun6:45 pm7:30 pmGrading Training

03jun7:00 pm8:00 pmFighters

04jun4:00 pm4:45 pmHalswell Kids

04jun6:00 pm6:50 pmBoxfit Punch Circuit

04jun6:00 pm6:45 pmBoxfit Halswell

04jun6:45 pm7:30 pmThai Basics Halswell

05jun7:00 am8:00 amThai General

05jun6:00 pm6:50 pmBoxfit Kettlebells

06jun9:30 am10:30 amThai General

08jun12:00 pm12:45 pmLadies Boxfit

08jun4:15 pm5:00 pmWoolston Kids

08jun5:00 pm5:45 pmWoolston Kids 10-14

08jun6:00 pm6:45 pmThai Basics

08jun6:45 pm7:30 pmThai Fight

09jun4:00 pm4:45 pmHalswell Kids

09jun6:00 pm6:50 pmBoxfit Punch

09jun6:00 pm6:45 pmBoxfit Halswell

09jun6:45 pm7:30 pmThai Basics Halswell

10jun4:15 pm5:00 pmWoolston Kids

10jun6:00 pm6:45 pmThai Basics

10jun6:45 pm7:30 pmGrading Training

10jun7:00 pm8:00 pmFighters

11jun4:00 pm4:45 pmHalswell Kids

11jun6:00 pm6:50 pmBoxfit Punch Circuit

11jun6:00 pm6:45 pmBoxfit Halswell

11jun6:45 pm7:30 pmThai Basics Halswell

12jun7:00 am8:00 amThai General

12jun6:00 pm6:50 pmBoxfit Kettlebells

13jun9:30 am10:30 amThai General

15jun12:00 pm12:45 pmLadies Boxfit

15jun4:15 pm5:00 pmWoolston Kids

15jun5:00 pm5:45 pmWoolston Kids 10-14

15jun6:00 pm6:45 pmThai Basics

15jun6:45 pm7:30 pmThai Fight

16jun4:00 pm4:45 pmHalswell Kids

16jun6:00 pm6:50 pmBoxfit Punch

16jun6:00 pm6:45 pmBoxfit Halswell

16jun6:45 pm7:30 pmThai Basics Halswell

17jun4:15 pm5:00 pmWoolston Kids

17jun6:00 pm6:45 pmThai Basics

17jun6:45 pm7:30 pmGrading Training

17jun7:00 pm8:00 pmFighters

18jun4:00 pm4:45 pmHalswell Kids

18jun6:00 pm6:50 pmBoxfit Punch Circuit

18jun6:00 pm6:45 pmBoxfit Halswell

18jun6:45 pm7:30 pmThai Basics Halswell

19jun7:00 am8:00 amThai General

19jun6:00 pm6:50 pmBoxfit Kettlebells

20jun9:30 am10:30 amThai General

22jun12:00 pm12:45 pmLadies Boxfit

22jun4:15 pm5:00 pmWoolston Kids

22jun5:00 pm5:45 pmWoolston Kids 10-14

22jun6:00 pm6:45 pmThai Basics

22jun6:45 pm7:30 pmThai Fight

23jun4:00 pm4:45 pmHalswell Kids

23jun6:00 pm6:50 pmBoxfit Punch

23jun6:00 pm6:45 pmBoxfit Halswell

23jun6:45 pm7:30 pmThai Basics Halswell

24jun4:15 pm5:00 pmWoolston Kids

24jun6:00 pm6:45 pmThai Basics

24jun6:45 pm7:30 pmGrading Training

24jun7:00 pm8:00 pmFighters

25jun4:00 pm4:45 pmHalswell Kids

25jun6:00 pm6:50 pmBoxfit Punch Circuit

25jun6:00 pm6:45 pmBoxfit Halswell

25jun6:45 pm7:30 pmThai Basics Halswell

26jun7:00 am8:00 amThai General

26jun6:00 pm6:50 pmBoxfit Kettlebells

27jun9:30 am10:30 amThai General

29jun12:00 pm12:45 pmLadies Boxfit

29jun4:15 pm5:00 pmWoolston Kids

29jun5:00 pm5:45 pmWoolston Kids 10-14

29jun6:00 pm6:45 pmThai Basics

29jun6:45 pm7:30 pmThai Fight

30jun4:00 pm4:45 pmHalswell Kids

30jun6:00 pm6:50 pmBoxfit Punch

30jun6:00 pm6:45 pmBoxfit Halswell

30jun6:45 pm7:30 pmThai Basics Halswell