Head Instructor for Sitnarong Muay Thai Australasia and Sitnarong New Zealand, Kru Brett is the coach of the Sitnarong fight team and takes the fighters class on Wednesday nights. He ensures the training for the general students and fighters is of a very high standard and his fight training classes are intense.

    The first and original student of Brett’s some 20 years ago, Dougal is the senior Instructor for Sitnarong Christchurch. He has over 25 years martial arts experience and has had the good fortune to travel and train in Thailand under Grand Master Sken and at the legendary Sit Yodtong camp.

    The youngest member of the Sitnarong teaching team, Andrew is passionate about helping members improve their abilities and making sure they remain on the up and up. He has fantastic technique and a willingness to learn which see him constantly improving every time he enters the gym to train.

    One of the longest serving members, Robert has a wealth of training and fighting experience. During his fight career, he had only the one loss and was a force to be reckoned with. No longer fighting regularly, Robert helps out whenever he can and is known for his dogged, determined approach to training.

    Former WKA South Island Full Thai Rules Champion, Louis is known for his unrivaled fitness level and excellent technique. He began his training by starting with some mates on a fairly casual basis then soon discovered a taste for training hard and then ring competition followed shortly after. Louis has also been fortunate enough to […]

      Also a personal trainer with a sporting background, Sineads’ passion is Boxing. She has been boxing training for the past three years and has competed in three South Island boxing tournaments with a view to more competition in the future. Sinead takes the Wednesday morning drop in circuit with a focus on developing full body […]

        The newest member of the Knockout team, Andre brings a fresh approach and enthusiasm that is both infectious and inspirational. He has participated in a wide variety of sports including Thai Boxing and rugby. In recent times he has focused his energy on competing in Crossfit and also takes several of the Boxfit classes at […]

        Dougal  grew up participating in a wide range of sports, including playing Rugby at a representative level. He never stopped searching for and trying out various martial arts which ultimately ended up with him finding Muay Thai, the national martial art of Thailand. Many years on and Dougal has his own Muay Thai club (Sitnarong […]